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Welcome to UCI Medical Center, where we redefine salivary gland treatment through our advanced sialendoscopy procedures. With the renowned Dr. Oliaei, the clinic is at the forefront of minimally invasive salivary gland care.

Dr. Oliaei: A Pioneer in Sialendoscopy

Discover the expertise of Dr. Oliaei, a distinguished member of the UCI Otolaryngology department. With over seven years of experience in treating salivary gland disorders, Dr. Oliaei brings a wealth of knowledge and a deep commitment to patient-centered care. His passion lies in offering minimally invasive, gland-preserving solutions for conditions like obstructive salivary stones, autoimmune salivary duct disease, and radioiodine sialadenitis.

Understanding Sialendoscopy:
A Leap in Medical Technology

Sialendoscopy represents a significant advancement in medical technology. Before its introduction, patients faced more invasive procedures like gland excision, which came with longer recovery times and higher risks. Sialendoscopy, however, changes this narrative. Using ultrathin channeled endoscopes, it allows for precise visualization and treatment of salivary gland ducts, ensuring rapid recovery, fewer risks, and preservation of gland function.

Your Journey to Better Health:
The Sialendoscopy Procedure

Your health journey with us is guided by compassion and expertise. The sialendoscopy procedure, performed by Dr. Oliaei, involves the use of advanced endoscopic techniques to diagnose and treat various salivary gland disorders. This process is minimally invasive, typically requires no external incisions, and ensures a quick return to your daily life with minimal discomfort.

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Real Stories, Real Results: Patient Testimonials

Hear from our patients who have experienced transformative care at UCI. Their stories highlight the effectiveness of sialendoscopy and the compassionate approach of Dr. Oliaei and his team. These testimonials speak volumes about the positive impact of our minimally invasive techniques on our patients’ lives.

UCI Medical Center: Where Advanced
Care Meets Compassionate Healing

At UCI Medical Center, we are not just treating conditions; we are enhancing lives. Our commitment to pioneering healthcare solutions like sialendoscopy, coupled with Dr. Oliaei’s expertise places us at the cutting edge of salivary gland treatment.